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Quality of the wine
and quality of the people are
the keys to success.

"The constant quest for excellence and singularity in the way we craft our wines, this drive to always go above and beyond as the ultimate gastronomic partner: that is our philosophy. "

Alexandra Pereyre De Nonancourt


Bernard de Nonancourt

Cuvée Rosé's
creator, an extraordinary
pioneer spirit
and a deep well
of oenological creativity.

Bernard de Nonancourt
Bernard de Nonancourt

Laurent-Perrier house style:
finesse, freshness, and elegance.

Michel Fauconnet,<br />
Laurent-Perrier's Cellar Master
Michel Fauconnet,
Laurent-Perrier's Cellar Master

To give joy:
what else
is there?

"I may be the nose and the palate of Laurent-Perrier and make the final decisions, but above all I'm here to uphold the continuity of the style defined by Bernard de Nonancourt - the man who trained me as a winemaker, with whom I shared ideas for over 38 years, who helped me lay the strong foundation on which our future is to be built. I'm forever astonished by his eternally youthful spirit."


Crafted for
a Fragrance,
not mixed
for a Color

Cuvée Rosé is a unique sensorial experience. First comes the singular beauty of its elegant bottle. Then, the wine's deep and radiant pink color entices like the freshest fruit. And finally, at first sip, the sensation of plunging into a basket of freshly-picked red berries.

Alexandra & Stéphanie de Nonancourt
Alexandra & Stéphanie de Nonancourt
heritage-publicite-laurent-perrier-cuvee-rose heritage-publicite-laurent-perrier-cuvee-rose

A winning future full of light and femininity

To build a timeless House, constructed faithfully upon the tireless spirit of Bernard de Nonancourt. Remembering, in his own words, his core objective: "the best of the best."